Liebster Award Nomination 1

I was nominated by elizaturrill  for the Liebster Award/Challenge last year. For some reason I never saw the message and so I am participating late. (Sorry again, Liza!) I was also just recently nominated again by another awesome blogger and twitter friend (Hi Hannah!) and will be responding to her nomination soon too in another post.

The Liebster Awardla1

The Liebster Award originated in Germany. The German word Liebster means kind, loving, cherish, sweet, endearing, beloved, and welcome—or so tells me. The award is designed to give up-and-coming bloggers with promising content and little followers the chance to be recognized for their talent and to “welcome” them to the blogosphere. 

The nomination is also a challenge where you pass along the nomination to more bloggers.

The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog

2. Answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you

3. Nominate other bloggers (ideally those who are just starting and would benefit most from this exposure, but of course nominate whoever you wish!)

4. Give these bloggers 11 questions to answer and let them know they have been nominated.

I don’t usually participate in chain-reaction challenges like this, but I think this award is a great way to get to know more blogs and in turn more writers. There are a lot of us out there; this is a fun way to interact with other people who share similar interests, and make some new friends. Plus, the person who nominated me is really nice and I loved her responses to her questions. I miss her and this is a fun way to catch up! So without further ado, my 11 questions and answers:

1. What was the last book that made you cry?

Looking for Alaska by John Green. I know, I am super late to the game. I read it over Christmas and kicked myself for not reading it sooner. Coming up on my list of books to read is The Fault in Our Stars. When I finish it, I am certain that it will take Alaska’s place.

2. What is a really underrated book that you would love to see on the big screen? Why?

I loved reading D. J. MacHale’s Pendragon series growing up and always thought it would be a great addition to the other fantasy-books-turned-movies that were being released during that time. The series was engrossing, well thought-out, action-packed, had great relatable characters including some badass females and hilarious best friends, and addressed various social, philosophical and political issues that added depth to the story. The series is 10 books though, so I’m not sure whether a TV series would be best suited for it rather than a movie series.

3. What is something in a book that has to be well-done for you to like it? (For me, it’s characterization.) Is it plot, setting, characters, etc?

Characterization! Hands down. A good plot is always needed to keep me engrossed, but I must say my favorite thing about stories are the characters. They have to be well developed, their motivations must be clear and plausible, and they must have an interesting story arc where they are left changed at the end of the story. And please for the love of chocolate, No Stereotypes! If you write great characters that I fall in love with, I could read about them all day. I would even be happy to just read about them going to the super market to get squash.

4. Is there a book that you consider your guilty pleasure? If so, why?

I used to feel guilty for liking to read most of the books I read: fantasy, sci-fi, young adult etc. I used to worry that people would look down on me for choosing to read a commercial fiction book over a literary classic. (Don’t get me wrong, I love stories that are considered literature too. I read a variety of things.) Now, I shrug it off. I like what I like and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. So I don’t consider any book a guilty pleasure anymore.

5. What is your favorite book setting? (Stuff like this -> Fantasy AU, Boarding School, Hollywood, New York, Foreign Countries, etc.)

I love medieval settings. I’m a high fantasy kind of gal, but I also love urban fantasy. I’m not picky. I like any setting as long as it is well described. It annoys me when I can’t envision the characters’ surroundings when I read.

6. What is a book that you want to read purely for the cover?

The Virgin Blue by Tracy Chevalier. It was my first Chevalier novel and my favorite. I remember being drawn to the book by its cover (Plume’s reprinted 2003 edition) with the painting of the red haired girl and her sad blue eyes. The painting was just so beautiful and her expression so tragic that I instantly wanted to know her story. And once I finished the book, the painting took on a whole new meaning. One of those rare book covers that actually add to the story!

7. Is there a book that you’ve tried to read innumerable times but have never been able to finish? What is it?

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

8. What is your OTP (One True Pairing)?

There are too many (not just books but also TV shows etc.) for me to choose from.

9. Why and when did you start your blog?

I started it last August 2014. I had recently graduated from college and was finally diving into my writing projects without interference from classes or assignments or work. I love writing and all things books, and I have opinions on certain literary issues so I decided to try blogging as a platform for all of those things. Unfortunately, I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus of late (thank the holidays and my new-found 9 to 5 for that). But I’m finally gearing up to start blogging again.

10. If you estimate, what is the most books you’ve ever checked out from your library?

I don’t ever really check out books from libraries. I love going into bookstores and buying loads of books at once. I prefer to own my books and keep them on my bookshelf.

11. What is your favorite type of post to write for your blog?

I love to write my Literary Thoughts posts. As of now, I don’t have many of those, (hope to write some more soon!) but I loved writing them because I get to express my opinions on things in the literary world. I’m pretty passionate about certain things and I’m grateful to live in a place where I can safely express myself. It’s fun to connect with people who share your views, and even with those who don’t. As long as it’s an educated, civil and respectful dialogue, I like debating certain issues with people who may have a different point of view than mine. It allows for the opportunity to broaden one’s perspectives and maybe even learn a thing or two. Unfortunately, such mature discussions aren’t always the case. I was the Opinion editor for my alma mater’s newspaper, The Minaret, for two years so I can say I have plenty of experience with the latter.

My Nominees

I’m supposed to nominate 11 bloggers, but most of the people I would nominate have already done the challenge, are already nominated by someone else, or have nominated me. So my list will be shorter. Also, I didn’t necessarily consider whether these bloggers were new to blogging or what their number of followers is. These people are just awesome people I either met on twitter or in real life and I wanted to give them a shout out. Nominees, you only have to do this if you want to. If you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. No hard feelings :)

1. by Elle Cox

2. by Angela MCaldwell

3. by Janna Kaixer

4. by Julie Chang

5. by Emma Lindhagen

6. keithwwillisauthorsite by Keith Willis

7. by Chris Eberhard

My Questions

I actually really liked the questions I was given. They made me stop and think about the past books I’ve read and I went down nostalgia lane which was fun. (Thanks, Liza! Your lazyness paid off :P) So I’m going to go ahead and let my nominees answer the ones I answered. Have fun!

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