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How to Get Published: Big 5, Indy, or Self-Publish?

Originally posted on Disjointed Jottings by Robert Smith (A.K.A. TyCobbsTeeth):
How to Get Successfully Published TODAY: Big 5, Indy, or Self-Publish? David Henry Sterry Author, activist, performer, muckraker, book doctor It’s the greatest time in history to be a…

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Liebster Award Nomination 2 (With a Slight Twist)

I have been generously nominated for the Liebster Award again, this time by fellow writer and blogger Hannah Heath. (Thanks, Hannah!) Just a refresher: The Liebster Award originated in Germany. The German word Liebster means kind, loving, cherish, sweet, endearing, beloved, and … Continue reading

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Liebster Award Nomination 1

I was nominated by elizaturrill  for the Liebster Award/Challenge last year. For some reason I never saw the message and so I am participating late. (Sorry again, Liza!) I was also just recently nominated again by another awesome blogger and twitter … Continue reading

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Famous Novelists on Symbolism

Originally posted on Bibliophilia Reviews:
Guys, this is a must read! This piece is so good. In 1963 a 16 year old wrote famous authors such as Kerouac, Ayn Rand, Ray Bradbury and more on symbolism in their work. Like…

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Work in Progress Blog Challenge

I have been tagged by fellow writer and blogger Emma Lindhagen to do a Work in Progress Blog Challenge. The challenge is simple: post the first line from the first three chapters in your current work in progress and then tag four … Continue reading

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