Works in Progress

Young Adult High Fantasy Series: The Skig Island Trilogy ©

Agi’s life is mundane. When she isn’t helping her father on his fishing boat, she is indoors with her younger brother doing chores for their mother. She’s a normal 15-year old girl. If you didn’t count her strange nightly ritual, that is. Every midnight, she unconsciously awakens to draw a map of an unfamiliar island called “Skig Island.” Not to mention that lately, she’s been having haunting nightmares that somehow seem more than just dreams. When her town, the Tejasv, is attacked by an unknown army, she is separated from her family. A man named Hedor tells her she has special abilities and a remarkable destiny that has everything to do with the strange maps that have disturbed her rest. As she embarks on her journey, Agi realizes that the world may be much more magical than she had ever known. And much more dangerous. As Agi comes to grips with the mysteries of her new world, she also learns new surprising things about herself; her life may not have been as mundane as she had thought. Now she must rise to the challenge for the fate of many may very well rest in her hands. ©2014, Paola Crespo


Co-writing a Teen Sci-Fi TV Show: Phoenix 300 ©

Phoenix 300 takes place in the year 2150 where Earth is overpopulated and humans have migrated to space, living in harmony with the Zardoxian aliens. The show revolves around Aaron Coleman, a 15-year-old who moves to a spaceship called Phoenix 300 after his mom gets engaged to an alien. We follow Aaron’s journey as he learns to live in space with his new alien step-father and step-sister, and goes from being the most popular kid in school to the underdog. As Aaron adjusts to life on Phoenix 300 with a new group of friends, the spaceship searches for a new habitable planet for humans and aliens to live in.

But, the spaceship is running out of resources. There’s a new selective system in place where all underage human residents who have arrived within the past 6 months have to apply for a visa at the age of 16 and pass an aptitude test in order to stay on Phoenix 300. Now Aaron has to work hard to keep his new life. Will he make it? ©2014, Paola Crespo


Collection of Poems: Fragments of a Life Incomplete ©

 Fragments of a Life Incomplete is a collection of poems reflecting on personal experiences that deal with things left undone or unsaid. In this memoir, I take the opportunity to say the things I never had the courage or the chance to say. I hope readers can relate to my collection and find the courage to say or do the things they have left incomplete in their lives. ©2014, Paola Crespo



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