Published Work

Newspaper Articles:

I was the Opinion Editor for The Minaret newspaper from 2012-2014. I wrote articles for Opinion, Arts and Entertainment, and News. You can view my published articles here.

I was a Communications Intern at The Ministry of Education in Nassau, The Bahamas during the spring of 2015. Articles I wrote on Education for the communications department were published in national newspapers including The Nassau Guardian. A few online versions of my articles can be found here and here.

Other Articles:

I write for The Lineup, a website for fans of true crime, horror, the mysterious, and the paranormal. My posts can be found here. The Huffington Post picked up two of these posts; they can be found here and here.


My sestina “The Boy in the Café” was published in Neon literary magazine in February 2014. The edition can be back ordered here.

“Limbo” and “America Discovered” were published in West Trade Review literary journal in April 2015. The issue can be back ordered here.


College of Arts and Letters Award for Outstanding Graduate in Writing from The University of Tampa

College of Arts and Letters Victor Hugo Award for Outstanding French Student from The University of Tampa


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